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State Agency for Cross Border Cooperation and European Affairs (SGZE)

Who does what

​Staff members of the Agency for cross-border cooperation and European affairs

M. Dr. Klaus Schuele, Tel. +49(0)761 208-1051
Head of the department (personal, organisational and financial branches), responsible for all aspects of the department, as well as coordination of the on-site tasks of the regional council related to cross-border cooperation within the state government. Responsible for the Trinational Govering Commission, the D-F-CH Upper Rhine Conference, the Upper Rhine Council, INFOBEST Kehl/Strasbourg, relations to East Europe.

M. Thomas Boes, Tel. +49 (0)761 208-1072
Deputy Head of the department, Responsible for questions concerning Europe, bilateral relations with Switzerland and the International Conference of Lake Constance, Trinational Metropolregion of the Upper Rhine (TMR), Deputy Chairman TRION-climate e.V., Responsible for questions concerning INFOBEST Palmrain.

Mrs. Corinna Kartmann, Tel. +49 (0)761 208-1073
Responsible for questions concerning France, transportation incl. TGV Rhin/Rhône and EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg, business and labor markets, EURES-T Upper Rhine, Trinationale Eurodistrict Basel, Eurodistrict Region Freiburg/Centre and Southern Alsace, monitoring committee of nuclear power plant Fessenheim.

Mrs. Edda Greiner, Tel. +49 (0)761 208-1013
​Responsible for questions concerning the Trinational Metropolregion of the Upper Rhine.

Mrs. Stefanie Grumbach, Tel. +49 (0)761 208-1045
The EU funding program INTERREG V A Upper Rhine, Youth Fund of the German-French-Swiss Upper Rhine Conference, European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGCT), SGZE Budget​.

​Mrs. Sabine Höhne, Tel. +49 (0)761 208-1046
General office management and organization, address file updates, schedule, foreign language correspondence.

Local Staff

The creation of the common European market and the increasing integration of Europe have had a direct impact on the quality of life of all citizens. This is especially true within Europe’s border regions where the disappearance of national border controls has brought along many changes. This is why state, regional and municipal offices in France, Germany, and Switzerland have combined their efforts and, together with the Chambers of Commerce, independent sponsors, and associations are paving the way by introducing this Europe into people’s daily lives.

The office of D-F-CH for the Upper Rhine Conference

On March 6, 1996, aiming at the Intensification and expansion of the cooperation, common offices of the D-F-CH Upper Rhine Conference were opened to the public. The Agency for Cross-Border Cooperation is assigned the project responsibility for the common offices of the Upper Rhine Conference.

Mr. Cahueau is responsible for supervising the Euro-Institut (local grouping for cross-border cooperation).

Johann Cahueau (Secretary of the German delegation)
Christine Reeb

Rehfusplatz 11
77694 Kehl
+49 (0)7851 93 49-20
+49 (0)7851 93 49-50

The responsible contact person is Dr. Klaus Schüle.


The Office of the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK)

An essential first step in strengthening and insitutionalising cooperation in the Lake Constance region was the formation of the Information and Consulting Agency for cross-border issues (REGIO office). In early 2003, this was reorganised into the Office of the IBK. The agency now serves both as a central information point for citizens and as the government office tasked to expand cooperation as well as to strengthen awareness of this common border region. The Agency for Cross-Border Cooperation and European Affairs is assigned the project responsibility for the offices of the IBK.

Klaus-Dieter Schnell (Manager)
Thomas Radke
Katja Heller
Andrea Beck-Ramsauer
Yvonne Brunner
Benediktinerplatz 1
78467 Konstanz
+49 (0)7531 5 27 22
+49 (0)7531 5 28 69

The responsible contact person is Thomas Boes. 


INFOBESTs  (Information Center)

Since the early 1990s, four informational and consulting facilities have been established with financial aid provided by the European Union to address European and trans-national issues. Today, these organisations combine to form a citizen-oriented information network, designed to meet the respective concerns and needs of the residents of the Upper Rhine region. The Agency for Cross-Border Cooperation and European Affairs is assigned the project responsibility for the INFOBEST Kehl/Strasbourg.

The responsible contact person is Dr. Klaus Schüle

 INFOBEST Kehl-Strasbourg

Michael Großer (German Advisor)
Annette Steinmann
Rehfusplatz 11
77694 Kehl
+49 (0)7851 94 79-0
+49 (0)7851 94 79-10
The responsible contact person is Dr. Klaus Schüle.

  INFOBEST Palmrain

Marcus Schick, LL.M. (German Advisor)

Pont du Palmrain
68128 Village-Neuf

+49 (0)7621 750 35

The responsible contact person is Thomas Boes.

 INFOBEST Vogelgrun/Breisach

Dr. Anette Fuhr (German Advisor)
Delphine Carré (
German Advisor)
Ile du Rhein
68600 Vogelgrun
+49 (0)7667 832 99

The responsible contact person is Stefanie Grumbach.


High Rhine Commission

As a cooperative institution aiming to reinforce the regional cross-border cooperation on the Upper Rhine the High Rhine Commission (HRK) promotes and organises the contact and exchange of experience between its partners, institutions and citizens in the area from Basel to Constance. In addition, the HRK wants to dynamically strengthen and further develop the shared cross-border economic and common living space by taking up future issues.

The HRK plays an active role in linking the relevant actors in order to use the opportunities provided by the European funding program INTERREG.

The High Rhine Commission also offers:

Vanessa Edmeier (Manager)

Heike Stoll (Interreg-Coordinator)

Amtshausstraße 1
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

+49 (0)7751 91 87 7 82
+49 (0)7751 91 87 7 84

The responsible contact person is Thomas Boes.



TRION-climate - Franco-German-Swiss network of energy market operators in the trinational metropolitan Upper Rhine region

TRION-climate is linking actors in order to achieve energy and climate protection goals (particularly focusing on energy efficiency in buildings). Its specific duties include the implementation of trinational meetings as well as the maintenance of a website as an informative and interactive platform.

Wolfgang Raber (Chairman of the Board, Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz)
Thomas Boes (Deputy Chairman of the Board, SGZE, Regierungspräsidium Freiburg)
Vulla Parasote-Matziri (Manager)
Marie Feller
Sylvia Husel
Fabrikstraße 12
77694 Kehl
+49 (0)7851 4842-580
+49 (0)7851 4842-582



The Euro-Institut is a local grouping for cross-border cooperation created in 1993. It has 12 employees and is based in Kehl, near Strasbourg. It designs, optimises and supports cooperation projects by giving practice-oriented methods for the management of such cross-border projects.

Numerous actors from the three countries on the Upper Rhine have come together through the Euro-Institute and have brought interesting cross-border projects to fruition.

The Euro-Institut offers

  • Comparative seminars on current topics
  • Training measures, in order to strengthen the Europe-competence
  • Implementation of studies, evaluations and consulting, Coaching in intercultural communication and understanding
  • Moderation of cross-border meetings and workshops
  • Help in providing information and in the search for the right contact person

The Regional Council in Freiburg supervises the Euro-Institut legally and technically.

Technical supervision is the responsibility of the department for Cross-Border Cooperation and European Affairs.

Georg Walter (Director)
Anne Thevenet (Deputy Director)

Institut für grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit
Villa Rehfus
Rehfusplatz 11
77694 Kehl

+49 (0)7851 7407-0
+49 (0)7851 7407-33

The responsible contact person is the Secretary of the German delegation from the office of D-F-CH for the Upper Rhine Conference, Johann Cahueau.