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State Agency for Cross Border Cooperation and European Affairs (SGZE)

Who we are and what we do

​Organization and Tasks of the SGZE

The staff unit for cross-border cooperation and European affairs (SGZE) is directly assigned to the president of the district. While building the provincial administration in Baden-Württemberg the regional councils (RP) cooperate on bureaucratic matters. The RPs represent the region within society and in cross border cooperation and affairs. The regional council in Freiburg with its staff unit for cross border cooperation and European affairs (SGZE), as an onsite authority, coordinates cross border collaboration while reporting to the state ministry of Baden-Württemberg, the Department of the Interior Baden-Württemberg and the affected regional councils. The SGZE in Freiburg is responsible for the regional coordination of cross border cooperation along with the regional councils in Karlsruhe and Tübingen. In Freiburg they administer the deputies chosen by the state along with the budget for cross border projects, developments and offices (Upper Rhine Conference, IBK, INFOBEST, TRION). Since 2007 the RP in Freiburg is also responsible for European affairs.

Established Key Tasks

1. Participation in cross border bodies as for example the D-F-CH Government Commission, the political economic, social and scientific network in the Trinational Metropolitan Upper Rhine Valley (TMO), the administration of the D-F-CH Upper Rhine Valley, the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK) and the D-CH Upper Rhine Commission (HRK).

2. The implementation of diplomatic policies in the state region in the Upper Rhine Valley and Lake Constance area.  

3. Organization and implementation of events (such as symposiums and citizen dialogues) for the state region in order to increase cross border cooperation.

4. Development and implementation of concepts and initiatives of cross border relevance, concerning in particular environmental matters, economic structure, transport and traffic, scientific cooperation, architectural planning, culture and civil protection.  

5. Processing and establishing the relation between the INTERREG community initiatives and the implementation of goals on a European and national level.  

6. Administration of personal and financial resources of the cross-border facilities. These include: positions in the IBK, secretary office of the Upper Rhine Valley, information centers as INFOBEST, EURES-T a European network which aims to support the mobility of employees in Europe, and TRION which is an Energy Network for the Upper Rhine Valley (a registered association since 1.10).  

7. Strengthening of the capacity within Europe of the RP Freiburg.