Recognition of educational certificates from abroad, recognition of Fachhochschulreife from other federal states

Our tasks

We check educational qualifications obtained abroad and compare them with educational qualifications from Baden-Württemberg (Hauptschulabschluss, Mittlerer Schulabschluss/Realschulabschluss, Fachhochschulreife, Hochschulreife). At the end of the procedure, a certificate of recognition of a comparable German school-leaving qualification will be issued if applicable.

For persons without German citizenship, our certificate is used exclusively for professional purposes, e.g. to start vocational training or to attend a vocational school, but not to start undergraduate or postgraduate studies, eg. at university or university of applied sciences.

To apply for a degree programme in higher education, foreign nationals should contact the universities directly, as they are responsible for admission to a degree programme.

In addition to foreign school-leaving qualifications, we also check whether qualifi­cations obtained in other federal states can be recognised in Baden-Württem­berg.

Please only submit an application if

  • You are resident in Baden-Württemberg
  • As a non-EU citizen residing outside Baden-Württemberg, you can present a (provisional) confirmation of a vocational training place in Baden-Württemberg. This means that a vocational training centre or employer in Baden-Württemberg confirms in writing that training is planned subject to the recognition of the certificate. Proof of an application for such a training place in Baden-Württemberg alone is not sufficient.
  • As a citizen of the EU/EEA/Switzerland, you are able to present proof of acceptance in the application procedure for vocational training, further education, or employment in Baden- Württemberg
  • You are a German national with a foreign qualification to enter higher education who has applied or intends to apply soon for an undergraduate or post-graduate degree programme in Baden-Württemberg.
  • You have already obtained both the school-based part and the practical part of the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences in a federal state other than Baden-Württemberg and wish to start an undergraduate degree programme in Baden-Würt­temberg

If we are not responsible for your concerns, please contact one of the institutions listed on the homepage under "Other competent bodies for other recognition procedures“.


Please send us the following documents by post or by e-mail as a PDF attachment:

  1. Fully completed and signed application form
  2. Copy of the currently valid residence permit/fictional certificate/tolerated status/copy of foreign passport, or in the case of German citizenship, copy of the current identity card or passport
  3. If applicable, proof of name change (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce certifi­cate) as an officially certified copy of the original with an officially certified copy of the translation
  4. Proof of residence in Baden-Württemberg or proof of at least provisional con­firmation of an apprenticeship or job in Baden-Württemberg.
  5. If the exemption from the processing fee of €100 is to be checked due to low family income, copies of current proof of income of all household members, e.g. copies of current payslips, copy of current notification of citizen's allo- wance or asylum seeker benefits, etc., proof of the number of family members living in the household is also required.
  6. If third parties are to receive information about the current application or if cor- respondence is to be conducted with third parties, a corresponding power of attorney is required. 
  7. Officially certified copy of the school leaving certificate in its original language with a list of sub- jects and grades. If you did not graduate, please submit at least the last two annual reports.
  8. Officially certified copy of the translation of the school leaving certificate prepared by a sworn translator with a list of subjects and grades. Original certificates in English and French do not require translation. If the translations were made abroad, it may be necessary in individual cases to provide new translati­ons made in Germany.
  9. Proof of passing the university entrance examination, if required in the respec- tive country, as a certified copy of the original with a certified copy of the translation
  10. Diploma certificate from abroad as a certified copy of the original with a certified copy of the translation – unless in English or French - with the corresponding official transcript of grades.
    If the course of study has not been completed, still submit the official transcript of grades for recognition.
  11. If available: copy of the last German annual report.
  12. For recognition of Fachhochschulreife from other federal States: Copy of proof of the school-based part of the Fachhochschulreife, as well as copy of proof of the practical part of the Fachhochschulreife and copy of the overall certificate of Fachhochschulreife (school-based and practical part listed toge-ther on one document).

In some cases, further documents are required, which we will then request separately. Important: The submitted documents will not be returned! Therefore, please do not send us any Originals (neither certificates nor translations)!
Please do not send cash!
If fees are due, you will receive the information required for the bank transfer with the certificate of recognition.

Sending the documents by post
You can send your documents to our postal address at the Stuttgart Regional Coun­cil:
Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Referat 71 – Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle
Ruppmannstrasse 21
70565 Stuttgart

Digital application via Service-BW
You can submit all the necessary documents to us digitally via the Service-BW website.

Note: Processing times of several months must be expected in some cases. Please refrain from enquiring about the processing status.



A fee of 100 euros will be charged for recognition at the end of the procedure. You will re- ceive a letter with the payment information together with the certificate of recognition. The fee can only be paid by bank transfer, cash payment is not possible.

If you have sent us current proof of income for the purpose of checking the exemption from the fee due to low family income, we will check this against the seizure exemption limits ap¬plicable at the time in accordance with the German Code of Civil Procedure.


Detailed information on the initial self-assessment of the comparability of your school-leaving qualification can be found at:
anabin: Anabin - Informationssystem zur Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse (

ln exceptional cases, a personal consultation on site is only possible by prior appointment.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us via the contact form, by telephone on 0711 904-17170, or by e-mail at

The postal address is:
Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Referat 71 - Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle
Ruppmannstraße 21
70565 Stuttgart