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Department 95 State Examination Office and Recognition Office for Health Professions

Referatsleiter Dr. Clemens Homoth-Kuhs

Head of Department

Dr. Clemens Homoth-Kuhs
Senior Government Director
0711 904-39210

Deputy Director

Andrea Heyne
Government Director
0711 904-39200

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Rural doctor quota

Selection procedure


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Academic and non-academic health professions

Recognition of educational qualifications FOREIGN

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Nursing, health and social professions

Educational qualifications DOMESTIC

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Academic health professions

Educational qualifications DOMESTIC

Our tasks

The department is basically responsible for the whole country.

The state examination office is responsible for the administrative supervision of the study programmes for the academic health professions of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and psychotherapists. Therefore, students of these specialisations receive for example the crediting of study achievements from corresponding studies abroad or study achievements from related courses of study, the admissions to the individual examinations at the respective state universities and, if passed, the state examination certificates from the Regional Examination Office.

The department is the licensing authority for the state of Baden-Württemberg. Students who have completed their aforementioned training in Baden-Württemberg receive their licence to practise medicine from this department, i.e. the comprehensive professional licence to practise in the whole of Germany. The department is also the recognition and licensing au-thority for doctors, dentists, pharmacists and psychotherapists with foreign training. It also grants members of these professional groups with foreign training, if the legal requirements are met, professional licences valid for Baden-Württemberg, which are usually limited in subject matter and limited in time.

In the case of health and care professions (e.g. nursing and physiotherapy) as well as social care professions (e.g. geriatric care), the department approves and supervises the corresponding schools/training centres for the area of the administrative district, conducts the examinations for the graduates and grants them permission to use the protected occu-pational title if they pass or if they have comparable foreign training.

The unit is also responsible for the application and selection procedure within the frame-work of the rural doctor quota. In the winter semester of each year, applicants can apply for one of the 75 study places in the application portal.

Information and forms

Certificate Of Good Standing or EU Certificate Of Conformity

Academic health professions
Application for a CogS for health professions with domestic training (in german)
Midwives with foreign recognition (pdf, 120 KB) (in german)
MTA and nursing professions with foreign recognition (pdf, 162 KB) (in german)
Application for an EU certificate of conformity for health professions with domestic training in the administrative district of Stuttgart (in german)

Duplicate Approbation Certificate / Permission Certificate / Certificate

The authority responsible for issuing a duplicate/replacement certificate for the academic health professions, health care professions, nursing professions and social care professions is the authority that issued the original certificate.

  • Thus, the Stuttgart Regional Council is only responsible if the original document was also issued by the Stuttgart Regional Council.

To apply for a duplicate, please complete, sign and return the attached application form (please select the form applicable to your profession) by post to the following address:

Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Referat 95
Ruppmannstr. 21
70565 Stuttgart

As a rule, you will not receive a written confirmation of receipt, but, if necessary, information about missing documents that need to be submitted as well.

Please note that there is usually a waiting period of approx. 4-6 weeks until the German certificate of good conduct (document type "OB"/ for submission to an authority!) is available at our authority.

Please send specific application-related enquiries by e-mail, stating your name, date of birth and job title as well as a call-back number to (or, if known, directly to the person responsible for you).

Application for a duplicate of my licence to practise medicine (pdf, 53 KB) (in german)
Application for a duplicate of my medical training certificate (pdf, 116 KB) (in german)
Application for the issuance of a duplicate of a certificate of approval for a course of trai-ning completed in the Stuttgart administrative district (pdf, 285 KB) (in german)
Application for the issuance of a duplicate of a certificate of approval for training comple-ted abroad (pdf, 104 KB) (in german)


Pharmacist (pdf, 156 KB) (in german)
Medical doctor (pdf, 65 KB) (in german)
Child and youth psychotherapist (pdf, 115 KB) (in german)
Psychotherapist (pdf, 114 KB) (in german)
Dentist (pdf, 156 KB) (in german)

Approval of yellow fever vaccination centres

The approval of yellow fever vaccination centres in Baden-Württemberg is a sovereign task which will no longer be carried out by the Baden-Württemberg State Health Office (LGA) (in charge until 15 December 2021) but currently by the Stuttgart Regional Council on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Families and Senior Citizens.

The necessary requirements can be found in the application form.

The application / declaration of commitment must be signed and stamped with the practice stamp and sent by post to the following address:

Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Department 95
Ruppmannstraße 21
70565 Stuttgart

In addition to the signed and stamped application, the following documents must be enclosed in order for the application to be processed:

  • certificate of the basic course "Travel medical health counselling“
  • certified (if issued by the Stuttgart Regional Council: simple) copy of the licence to practise medicine

Approval as a yellow fever vaccination centre is personal in each case.

The costs for issuing an authorisation including the official stamp of the certification body amount to EUR 180 and will be charged by means of a fee notice when the documents and the stamp are sent.

Form/Application (pdf, 114 KB) (in german)


Please submit application documents by post only. As a rule, you will not receive a

written confirmation of receipt but, if necessary, a request for missing documents that must be submitted as well. Please send specific application-related enquiries by email, stating your name, date of birth and practice, as well as a call-back number, to