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Department 95.2 Recognition Office for Healthcare Professions

Head of Department

Andrea Heyne
Government director
0711 904-39200

Deputy Director

Dr. Jochen Theurer
Government Director
0711 904-39104

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Healthcare professions

Recognition of educational qualifications FOREIGN

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Rural doctor quota

Selection procedure

Our tasks

Would you like to work in a healthcare profession in Baden-Württemberg? If you have completed training abroad, you can work in the healthcare sector in Baden-Württemberg under certain conditions.

The State Recognition Office for Health Professions in Department 95.2 is responsible for recognising these qualifications from abroad. We issue licences to practice as well as temporary professional licences in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and psychotherapy.

We are also responsible for the recognition of foreign training for healthcare and nursing professions (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy, medical-technical professions) and for social professions (e.g. social work, social pedagogy) and issue authorisation to use the protected professional title.

So if you have completed such training abroad and would like to work in Baden-Württemberg, you can submit a corresponding application to us.

Additionally, our department is responsible for the application and selection procedure for the rural doctor quota. The rural doctor quota makes an important contribution to ensuring the supply of general practitioners in Baden-Württemberg. Every year, interested students can apply for one of the 75 places to study medicine in the application portal for the winter semester according to criteria independent of school grades.

Information and forms

Certificate Of Good Standing or EU Certificate Of Conformity

Academic health professions
Application for a CogS for health professions with domestic training (in german)
Midwives with foreign recognition (pdf, 120 KB) (in german)
MTA and nursing professions with foreign recognition (pdf, 162 KB) (in german)

Applications for an EU certificate of conformity for health professions with domestic training in the administrative district of Stuttgart: please write an E-Mail to

Duplicate Approbation Certificate / Permission Certificate / Certificate

The authority responsible for issuing a duplicate/replacement certificate for the academic health professions, health care professions, nursing professions and social care professions is the authority that issued the original certificate.

  • Thus, the Stuttgart Regional Council is only responsible if the original document was also issued by the Stuttgart Regional Council.

To apply for a duplicate, please complete, sign and return the attached application form (please select the form applicable to your profession) by post to the following address:

Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Referat 95.2
Ruppmannstr. 21
70565 Stuttgart

As a rule, you will not receive a written confirmation of receipt, but, if necessary, information about missing documents that need to be submitted as well.

Please note that there is usually a waiting period of approx. 4-6 weeks until the German certificate of good conduct (document type "OB"/ for submission to an authority!) is available at our authority.

Please send specific application-related enquiries by e-mail, stating your name, date of birth and job title as well as a call-back number to (or, if known, directly to the person responsible for you).

Application for a duplicate of my licence to practise medicine (pdf, 53 KB) (in german)
Application for the issuance of a duplicate of a certificate of approval for training comple-ted abroad (pdf, 104 KB) (in german)